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Common Wasp Removal Melbourne

Wasps do actually pollinate plants. Wasps are still considered a pest because wasps do sting and even cause severe allergic reactions.

Introduction to Common Wasps

Wasps appear to be sleek, having a smooth exoskeleton, legs with few hairs and wings. They have mouth parts used for biting and antennae. Wasps comprise more than 10,000 kinds of species. They are divided into solitary wasps and social wasps and the majority of them are solitary wasps.

They live in large groups in gaps in houses and roofs and live in nests built of ‘paper’, which is formed by the queen chewing up wood! They feed on high energy food like nectar, rotten fruit and sugary picnics, whilst their young are fed on small insects.

Common Wasp Removal

Identification of Common Wasps and Wasp Nests

Common wasp nests are beige in colour and usually conical in shape. These nests have a small opening at the lower end. Wasp nests are usually found in cavities above or below the ground, though also boards or roof cavities.

Wasps build nests from papier-mâché made from wood scraped chewed to a pulp. Each tiny mouthful is pasted in place and shaped to perfection using their mandibles and antennae. Each nest is started by a lone queen. She builds a sturdy downward stalk, which she daubs with a chemical that repels ants.

Preparation for Common Wasp Removal Melbourne

Common Wasp Removal Melbourne

Here’s what you can do, to keep prevent wasp infestation, rather than spend on their removal!

Safe Wasp Removal Techniques

Vinegar is a versatile substance used for cooking, cleaning etc. You can even use it to kill wasps! In fact, it attracts them. Acetic acid, the ingredient of vinegar that gives it its unique odour, mixed with water is an effective solution that lures wasps and other pests. Simply mix apple cider vinegar, sugar and water together in a bowl. Leave your trap near the nest, so they’ll drown.

A combination of clove, geranium and lemongrass essential oil successfully repels wasps. Mix several drops of each oil with water and dish soap in a spray bottle and coat areas on the outside of your home where wasps like to build nests You can even spray the solution on your plants, as the mixture isn’t harmful to them. The best, effective and durable remedy obviously would be to hire professional services!

Preventing Wasp Infestations

Here’s how you can deter wasps from building a nest around your property.

Dealing with Allergic Reactions and Medical Emergencies Due to Wasp Bite

Allergic reactions may cause rash, itching all over, wheezing, trouble breathing, and shock. The fire ant sting usually causes immediate pain and a red, swollen area, which disappears within 45 minutes. A blister then forms, rupturing in 2 to 3 days, and the area often becomes infected.

Fortunately, pest management is easier than ever before! Just call Melbourne Wasp Removal. You can get rid of wasps and start enjoying the outdoors, as always!

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